Website Design

Imaginative and Inspirational

We recognise that your business deserves better than industry standard website and text builders which make all businesses look and sound the same. That's why we offer tailor made quality for an off the peg price, to help you reflect your businesses true personality and professionalism.

Website Design Services

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Website Design


Website Photography

Our web photography service will produce enough high quality images to build a graphically stunning and aesthetically pleasing website. For use on your website, and hardcopy design.

Website Photography

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Website Photography


Hi-Tech UK based Hosting

Hosting from £65.00 per annum where we have designed the website or on an 18 month minimum contract. Windows and Linux Virtual and Dedicating online cloud servers available.

Website and Email Hosting

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Website and Email Hosting

Website Designs

Our online marketing campaigns fuse easy to navigate, aesthetically pleasing web designs together with informative and descriptive text to create a unique and often dramatic branding of our customer' businesses.

Creative, Technical & Marketing Savvy

With a proven track record of success our projects are as diverse as the businesses we work for and demonstrates our ability to quickly understand a company’s online marketing requirements and then create a strategy that will help them to attract new customers whilst building and retaining the loyalty of existing customers.



to a world of

Adding Colour to a world of Monochrome Online Marketing


Online Marketing

First Impressions

Online first impressions are everything, so exhibiting a unique and professionally designed website composition means that your customers will understand how important they are to your business and also how professional you are. This will then create a firm foundation for building not only your business brand, but your customer’s loyalty.

If you are interested in using any of our services, please contact us for further details and our "tailor made services for an off the peg" pricelist.

Lakehouse Technology

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